EES 4760/5760

Homework #2: Introducing NetLogo

Due Thu., Sep 2


Homework Exercises:

  • As you read along with Section 2.3, follow along on your computer and build the Mushroom Hunt model by typing in the code shown in the textbook. The whole program is shown on pages 27–29. Save your model as mushroom_hunt.nlogo.

    This exercise may seem very simple, but it is the first step toward learning how to program NetLogo and it will be an important first step toward writing your own models.

    After you are done typing in your model, try running it.

    When you are done, turn your model in on Brightspace.

Notes on Homework:

I recommend getting together with a classmate and working together on this assignment. Since the assignment consists of typing code in and running it, do not worry about your work being identical to your partner’s. However, I strongly recommend that you type everything in yourself because you will not learn if you just copy someone else’s code or download the code from a source on the web.

If you run into trouble and cannot make your model work, do not worry. Ask a classmate for help, or email me (and attach your .nlogo model file), or simply come to class on Tuesday with questions about the problems you had getting your model to work.