EES 4760/5760


This page contains files to download: handouts for reading, etc.

  1. Resources: Further Reading and Computing Tools and Resources
  2. Artificial Societies: Reading for Aug. 31.
  3. ODD Protocol: Documents on ODD protocol (optional supplementary reading for Sept. 7).
  4. Butterfly Model ODD: Butterfly model with ODD (in-class exercises on Sept. 7).
  5. Butterfly Models: Writing the Butterfly Model (Sept. 9)
  6. Science with Butterfly Models: Doing Science with the Butterfly Model (In-class exercises for Sept. 14)
  7. Culture Dissemination Model with Errors: Culture Dissemination Model with Errors (Sept. 16)
  8. Optimizing Butterfly Model for Mating: Culture Dissemination Model with Errors (Sept. 16)
  9. Flocking Model for Studying Emergence: Flocking model for studying emergence (Sept. 23)
  10. Butterfly Model for Practicing Observations: Butterfly Model for Practicing Observations (Sept. 28)
  11. Link Demonstration Model: Link demonstration model (for Sept. 30 class)
  12. Team Project Templates: Templates for team projects (for Sept. 30 class)
  13. Telemarketer Models: Telemarketer models (Oct.12)
  14. Models for Scheduling: Models for scheduling (Oct. 26)
  15. Stochasticity: Stochastic Business Investor: Stochastic business investor model (Oct. 28)
  16. Collectives: Wild-Dog Models: Models of wild dogs for collectives (Nov. 2)
  17. Theory Development: Wood Hoopoe Model: Model of Wood Hoopoe breeding for theory development (Nov. 9)
  18. Optional reading for Agent-Based Models in Practice: Optional reading for "Agent-Based Models in Practice" (Nov. 12)
  19. Calibration and Parameterization: Model of Wood Hoopoe breeding for calibration (Nov. 11)
  20. Analyzing and Understanding Models: Model analysis with Schelling segregation model (Nov. 18)