Introduction to NetLogo

Class #3 (Tue., Jan 16)


Homework #2 is due today: Mushroom hunt. See the homework assignment sheet for details.


  • Railsback & Grimm, Ch. 2.

Reading Notes:

Familiarize yourself with NetLogo. I recommend that you read through the chapter with NetLogo open on your computer. Feel free to play around with NetLogo and try things out. The homework consists of following the step-by-step creation of a model in section 2.3.

Errata for chapter 2:

  • On page 20, after you add the setup and go buttons to the interface, but before you write the go procedure, when you click the “Check” button, it will take you to the interface page because the go button has an eror: the procedure go does not exist yet. After you write the go procedure in the Code tab, then the Check button will work as described in the book.
  • The first bullet on page 21 should read:
    • Just as we created the setup procedure (with two lines saying to setup and end, write the “skeleton” of the go procedure.
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