Class #17 (Tue., Mar 20)


  • Railsback & Grimm, Ch. 14.

Reading Notes:

A good example of synchronous updating is the model of breeding synchrony, described in Jovani and Grimm (2008) and in Chapter 23, which I have posted on the class web site:

Errata for Chapter 14:

  • Section 14.2.3, p. 187: The foreach statement in the example code for executing turtles in size order is not compatible with NetLogo versions 6.0 and higher. For version 6.0.2, the statement should be:

    foreach sort-on [size] turtles
        next-turtle -> ask next-turtle [do-sales]
  • Section 14.2.5, p. 189: This code statement:

    while [count patches with [trigger-time > ticks] > 0] 

    should of course be:

    while [any? patches with [trigger-time > ticks] ] 

    (This Mousetrap model also has a small flaw: it does not represent the possibility that a trap scheduled to be triggered by one ball could be triggered sooner by a different ball that is launched later but has a shorter trajectory.)

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