EES 4760/5760


Software Tools for the Course

Get Started!

  1. Install NetLogo
  2. Read the NetLogo User Manual
  3. Explore tutorials at OpenABM

Explore Published Models

  1. The OpenABM Library
  2. NetLogo User Community Models
  3. NetLogo Modeling Commons

Analyze Behaviorspace Tool

The Analyze Behaviorspace tool can be reached online at , or if you use R , you can install the tool on your own computer by following the instructions at .

R for Statistical Analysis

You do not need to use R for this course, but people who are familiar with R may find that it is a powerful tool for analyzing NetLogo models, and there are tools for integrating NetLogo with R .

Get Started!

  1. Install the latest versions of R and RStudio Desktop (free edition) (free desktop edition).
  2. Install the Analyze Behaviorspace tool for R so you can run it on your own computer.

R Tools & Features

  1. RStudio : Full-featured environment for working with R
  2. Tidyverse : A collection of tools designed for Data Science in R .
  3. RMarkdown : A tool for integrating data analysis in R , creating graphs and tables, and writing reports and papers.
  4. R for Data Science : A free open-source book on using R for data science.
  5. RNetLogo : An R package for running NetLogo models from within R .