EES 4760/5760

Semester Project Assignment #7: Research project proposal

Due Tue., Sep 28


Homework Exercises:

  • Turn in a one-to-two page (double-spaced) proposal for your semester research project.

Notes on Homework:

This proposal should describe the topic you want to work on, identify a published open-source model you want to work with, and and describe how you think you might want to extend it.

You should consult the textbook, the Model Library in NetLogo, and the list of reading and computational tools and resources I distributed on the first day of class (it’s also posted on the course web site).

If you really want to write your own model instead of working with a published one, that is also acceptable, but be aware that it may be a lot more work. I recommend that you do this only if you have previous experience in programming.

See the semester project assignment for details.